Experiential Pathway for WOC (RN level or APN level)

The experiential pathway allows you to use your own experience and CE to be eligible to apply for and take exams. Below is the eligibility information.

  • The accumulation of practice hours and continuing education credits (contact hours) must be earned post bachelor’s degree while practicing as an RN.
  • For each specialty for which certification is sought, 50 CE/CME credits (contact hours) or an equivalent in college course work must be completed over the five years previous to the date of application. If you are applying for wound, ostomy, and continence, a total of 150 CE/CME credits are needed. All CE/CME credits (contact hours) or college course work must directly apply to the specialty area for which applied. Multi-day conferences may include professional practice topics or may be focused on a specific type of treatment i.e. hyperbaric oxygen (HBO). Professional practice topics do not relate directly to any clinical focus and are not accepted. HBO education programs receive partial credit but are usually not accepted in their entirety.
  • For each specialty for which certification is sought, 1500 practice hours specialty-specific in your WOC, or AP-WOC role. The role can be in any work setting (Acute Care, Ambulatory Care, Long Term Care, Home Care, Academics, Administrative, Industry and Independent Practice) and hours must be completed within the previous five years. If you are applying for wound, ostomy, and continence, a total of 4500 patient clinical hours are needed. Further, 375 hours in each specialty, or a total of 1125, must have occurred within the year prior to application.

Experiential Pathway for WTA-C (LPN level)

  • Complete 24 CE/CME credits (contact hours) specific to wound care within the past 12 months meeting the WTA Detailed Content Outline previous to the date of application.
  • Complete 160 hours of clinical preceptorship within the past 12 months. The experts MUST HAVE experience relevant to wound care. (You will download a verification form from the online application that is signed by the expert.) Click here to download the Verification Form for clinical hours. Multiple forms may be submitted to meet 160 hour requirement. Below is a list of acceptable preceptors.
  • Any RN holding an active wound care certification through the WOCNCB, i.e. CWCN® or CWCN-AP®. An active WTA-C® is not an acceptable clinical preceptor.
  • MD, NP or PA holding an active certification through the American Board of Wound Management, i.e. CWS®, CWSP®. An active CWCA® is not an acceptable clinical preceptor.
NOTE: This online portal allows you to calculate and track contact hours on a day-to-day basis in preparation for determining your eligibility. This does not transfer to your exam application, which is separate from this tracking portal.

If you are currently certified, or have had previous contact with WOCNCB, you may log in now. If you have never been certified by or had contact with WOCNCB, you may need to register first.
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After you complete your eligibility, apply for exams at: http://www.wocncb.org/apply